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Thaikila sustainable Beachwear - Ibiza Fashion


Thaikila comes from the sea and was born in Bali. Thaikila creates swimwear with a refined, feminine touch that combines innovation with a playful touch.
Made with great attention to detail, Thaikila parts are versatile. Sophisticated and lively collections are reminiscent of easy-to-wear pieces and accessories for every size. Luxe fabrics are complemented with fine details for an authentic handmade feel.
With the Tralala for the maximalists and the essentials for the inner minimalists, Thaikila designs swimwear for all profiles.
At Thaikila, we paid attention to honor local craftsmen and Mother Nature. Thaikila comes to you with fairness, love and quality.

The enterprise

Thaikila was born in Paris in 1989 by Marie Laure Becquelin and found her way to the island of Bali in 2002.
Thaikila is operated by a group of international companies based in Bali, Indonesia and is licensed to Thaikila LLC. Designed in France, the brand is known worldwide and distributed in more than 105 countries. The concept is distributed in 20 own stores under the brand name THAIKILA.
Vertically integrated into production, everything is produced in-house. Thaikila's own factory covers an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, allowing flexibility and ensuring high-quality manufacturing.


Innovation is the core of the Thaikila ethos. Thaikila's factory has access to the latest technologies and equipment with techniques such as laser cutting and ultrasonic welding.
Thaikila's commitment to cutting-edge design is reflected in its precise cut padding for every size and cut, offering invisible support and comfort. Even Thaikila's rubber band is developed in-house and consists of elements that withstand water, oil, chlorine and other corrosive substances.
Each collection is designed and manufactured with the utmost care and in compliance with our high quality standards.
Combined with the combination of traditional Balinese craftsmanship and technological innovation, Thaikila swimwear masters the finest details.


Thaikila strives to create an ecological balance without compromising aesthetics. In pursuit of sustainability, Thaikila has developed a fabric for bikinis made from recycled plastic that is soft enough to caress the body like a second skin. However, he is strong enough to endure a lifetime of sun, salt and sea. Thaikila's passion for innovation means that she forever transcends the boundaries of fashion.
Discarded plastic bottles are recycled and made into fabric for Thaikila's swimwear. A fabric that is so soft and stretchy that it wraps your body like a caress. The Thaikila swimwear is designed like a second skin with fast-drying elements so that neither sand nor water remain.
On the way to a plastic-free future, every purchase is packaged in reusable bags that are handcrafted at Thaikila's factory in Bali. Even Thaikila's hang tags are made of recycled paper from outdated accounting records.
Thaikila's passion for innovation and sustainability goes hand in hand. At Thaikila is always up to date and is always looking for new eco-solutions. Recently, Thaikila has patented a vegan leather made from a secret aquatic plant - more to be announced soon!
It is Thaikila's mission to guide and inspire others on a sustainable path.
every shape, every size
Beyond the bikini, Thaikila represents women. Thaikila tries to empower women by celebrating diversity and overcoming the pressure of body image. Loving yourself and your body is the biggest revolution. Greatness is no more than a number, but Thaikilas strives to make every Thai girl feel comfortable on her own skin.
Thaikila's collections are designed for every shape, size and bust and are diverse. Brazilian cuts inspired cuts lead to modest individual pieces. Thaikila offers a range of covers and sizes to fit any profile. Most of Thaikila's clients are looking for swimwear with sewn-in cups and removable padding to increase the volume of their breasts. While larger-sized customers tend to seek more support. Our "Invisible Lift" program provides and gives the tops a better grip with a stronger, wider elastic band.
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Free Shipping in Europe from 150€ order value!
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