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Stine Goya Pre Spring 2022 "Deconstructed Dancer"

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Stine Goya Pre Spring 2022 "Deconstructed Dancer"

Stine Goya, with her Pre-Spring 2022 collection called "Deconstructed Dancer", tells a journey through the color and movement of contemporary dance.
A tribute to beauty and vulnerability.
An invitation to expand and welcome what life gives us.

A brand, a lifestyle: Stine Goya.

In the Photo Stine Goya Jasmine Dress - Flower Foliage Gold

Stine Goya, for those who have not yet heard of it, is an independent Danish brand that the homonymous designer founded in 2006 in the beautiful and colorful city of Copenhagen.
If, like us, you think that when fashion embraces art, what comes out of it is pure magic, well, this is the brand for you.
Her four annual collections (Fall / Winter, Pre-Spring, Spring / Summer, Pre-Fall) are in fact the result of the inspiration that the designer draws from the world of music painting and underground cultures.
All this mixed with a passion for extravagant prints and a love for bright colors.
These passions led Stine Goya, after studying fashion design in London, to work in different areas of the fashion industry. As a model, stylist and fashion editor first, and then as a stylist for her brand.
Her openness to the world and her praise of differences as strengths make Stine Goya not just a brand but a lifestyle.

Not just clothes but stories to wear.


Each of Stine Goya's four annual collections has a different theme.
The theme of the Pre-Spring 2022 collection is "Deconstructed Dancer".
Stine Goya took inspiration from color and movement from contemporary dance and made it a homage to beauty and vulnerability.
An invitation to expand and be open to welcome what life gives us.
Never has there been so much desire and need for change as in this moment.
All the schemes that seemed to work are proving to be unsustainable in the long run.
Hence the need to move, expand and experiment in all possible directions, just as contemporary dance teaches.
This is why we invite you to experiment, indulge yourself and dare with unique colors, shapes and prints like those of Stine Goya.
In an interview, the designer said a phrase that could have come out of our mouths:
"Fashion is about exploring yourself free from any judgment".
It is not so'?
Fashion makes you dream.
Colors affect our mood.
Clothes tell who we are in a specific historical and social moment.
The patterns we wear make us works of art in motion.
That's why we decided to add this splendid Brand in our beloved Chips Fashion shop.
That's why we particularly love Stine Goya, because she reflects everything that is also part of our DNA.
A brand that wants to bring joy, solidarity and inclusion in the world through the power of colors and art.


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