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Warm cuddles for cold days

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Warm cuddles for cold days

Once upon a time there were three coats, three beautiful coats who loved to travel and discover the world. Today we tell you their stories. Ready to travel with your imagination?

Ah autumn!

If we were to describe it with sounds, it would be the crunching of leaves under our feet and the crackling of the burning fireplace.

If we were to describe it with colors it would be those of the trees that slowly greet their foliage.

If we were to describe it with scents, it would be those of roasted chestnuts, freshly burned wood and hot chocolate.

But if we were to describe it in a Chips way, it would be the One way coat, the Tuareg coat and the Duffy coat by Attic and Barn.

Three gorgeous coats that will take care of keeping you warm during the first days of cold weather.

Today, however, we want to describe them in a different way. We will combine them with a hot drink and tell you a story about them.

The Tuareg coat, tea in the desert and starry nights.

Once upon a time there was a coat with a mysterious name and flavor.

A coat that was reminiscent of the colors that ginkgo and larch dress in autumn, which smelled of hot tea and cinnamon.

This hippie coat was a free spirit. His bed was immense expanses of sand and his roof endless starry skies.

He loved drinking tea on cold nights.

A tea that had to be boiled three times before being drunk. An ancient tea that had three names: "The tea of ​​death" after the first boil, the "tea of life" after the second and the "tea of love" after the last.

Bitter after the first cooking, the tea became more and more sweet as it was boiled.

A special ritual for a special coat.

The Tuareg coat of Attic and Barn will accompany you to discover unknown places. It will encourage you to discover new sides of yourself and, of course, will keep you warm in the early autumn days where we all need an extra cuddle.

Duffy Coat, pumpkin spiced latte and a day in Central Park.

Once upon a time there was a coat with a New York soul.

Its warm and enveloping tones made it perfect for long autumn walks along the banks of the Hudson River.

Walking the streets of Manatthan and drinking pumpkin spice latte was his favorite fall hobby.

His name was Duffy coat. A coat that enclosed all the colors and sensations of a bustling city like the Big Apple.

Perfect companion for any occasion, they invited him to all the most mundane events in the city.

Its versatile cut and its urban spirit made it the perfect friend for exploring any city in the world.

Immerse yourself in the streets of your city with this wonder at your side and you will be perfect to face any opportunity that comes your way.

One Way Coat, hot chocolate and friendship

Last, but certainly not least, we tell you the story of the Attic and Barn One Way coat, its energizing and casual spirit and its desire to always be surrounded by friends.

The One Way coat didn't like being alone, in fact he had many friends with whom he loved to discover the world.

Its Oversize shirt-style cut made it the perfect companion for a weekend in the middle of nature, away from the city.

He loved to retire to a chalet on the banks of a river not far from where he lived. He invited his closest friends with whom he took long walks and had long chats in front of the fire in the living room. Everyone loved his positivity and energy and also his famous chocolate. His secret? A praline at the bottom of the cup.

The one way coat by Attic and Barn is the adventure companion that everyone dreams of. Ready to discover the world with him?

Whatever your next story is one thing is certain, in the company of one of these coats yours will be a warm and enveloping autumn, word of Chips Fashion.


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