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Ibiza fashion in hippie style

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Ibiza fashion in hippie style

This look has been an integral part of the fashion world since the 1960s and 1970s. Designers are inspired by the colorful fashion and the clothes are no longer just popular with stars and starlets. The hippie look is particularly popular in summer and at festivals such as Coachella. But what is the hippie style? We explain what is behind the happy trend and show you the most important must-haves for the summer.


The hippie style: what is it actually?

The hippie period is also known as the flower power movement and took place in the 1970s. At that time, a youth movement came together to demonstrate against the ideals of the middle class and for a peaceful lifestyle. The term hippie is based on the hipsters of the 50s. By the way, “hip” means hip in German - how appropriate for today's fashion trend.

The hippie movement spread all over the world, bringing fashion to people. The motto of the movement was "Make love, not war". This independent and peaceful lifestyle was mainly characterized by bell bottoms, peace signs, maxi dresses and floral decorations on the head. Above all, it was colorful and striking.

The then unusual fashion style nevertheless exuded calm, serenity, peace and freedom - a rare combination. The "Summer of Love" generation demonstrated for love, peace and freedom, and this was also expressed in their clothes. Today the hippie style is back in fashion and is mainly worn at festivals.

Summer, sun, peace and love

The trendy style is particularly popular in summer, no wonder, after all, the airy, wide fabrics and bright colors are particularly suitable for hot summer days. For visits to the beach, festivals and shopping tours, you are always perfectly dressed with the hippie look. What could be nicer than spending the warm season with colorful and airy dresses in the great outdoors or with friends at a festival?

The bright colors and patterns reflect the happiness and lifestyle of the hippie movement at the time and the light and wide fabrics reflect freedom and independence from the social norms of the time. Nowadays, the hippie look is no longer politically motivated - on the contrary, everyone can wear it anywhere.

The must-haves for your hippie look

When you think of the hippie trend, you automatically see bright colors, floral patterns and long dresses. But there is a lot more that makes the hippie look so distinctive. We'll show you what you absolutely have to have so that you can create the perfect hippie-style outfit - from dresses to shoes to jewelry, there are a number of things that make you look really hip.

Hippie dresses

To style the hippie look perfectly, you need bright colors, wild patterns, fringes and lace. You will find much of this in the dreamy hippie dresses. From long maxi dresses to short dresses, the main thing is that it is airy, light and colorful. Flower power flower dresses, lace dresses or crocheted dresses form the perfect basis for your distinctive hippie look. You can also put them on in the office, just combine them with sandals and cardigans.

Bell bottoms, shorts and jumpsuits

Yes, it's finally modern again - the bell bottoms! The colorful classics are no longer only available at festivals, you can also see them in the everyday look on the streets. It embodies the hippie period like no other piece of clothing, especially when it is worn in bright colors or with floral patterns. But cute shorts with fringes or lace applications are also well suited for the summer look. If you want to connect the top and bottom part at the same time, it is best to wear loose jumpsuits with different patterns.

Blouses and tunics in hippie style

Hippie-style tops are very popular, especially since they can be combined well with plain-colored pants or skirts. They are comfortable and airy, often crocheted, with fringes or in a batik pattern. In addition, the tops are usually available in bright, bright colors. Hippie blouses and tunics are not only suitable for summer and the beach, combined with a cardigan, they can also be worn wonderfully in the cold season. The colorful classics are now back in the office. You can wear jeans in muted colors to combine them.

Shoes for a hippie outfit

Let's come to one of our favorite categories: shoes! These are very important for your perfect hippie look, after all they really round off your outfit. Roman sandals, wedges and espadrilles are all possible. Lace-up ankle boots, cowboy boots or shoes with fringe and feather applications also go well with your hippie look. Of course, the shoes can be colorful and wild. It's best to wear rubber boots for muddy festivals - these are now also available in hippie style.

Hippie style accessories

Accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses or hats are essential for a perfect hippie outfit. Retro glasses with circular lenses not only look absolutely casual, but are also helpful gadgets in summer. Natural materials such as wood, glass, feathers, straw etc. are particularly suitable for jewelry


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